Visions of Enterprise AI with Industry Pioneers
November 25, 2023

E1 Ventures recently hosted a gathering to discuss the future of Enterprise AI. The event featured distinguished guests, each a luminary shaping the trajectory of AI in the corporate world.

Yaad Oren: SAP Labs US

Taking center stage, Yaad Oren, the Managing Director of SAP Labs US and Global Head of SAP Innovation Center Network, illuminated the future of Enterprise AI within the SAP ecosystem. Oren emphasized the transformative era ushered in by generative AI applications, acting as self-service tools that elevate productivity and empower employees to make informed, data-driven decisions independently. The key lies in implementing robust strategies, establishing data usage guardrails, and prioritizing employee learning opportunities. With these foundations, generative AI becomes a catalyst for organizational growth, fostering streamlined decision-making processes, enhanced data exploration capabilities, and democratized data access.

Elias Manousos: Microsoft’s Cybersecurity

Elias Manousos, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, shared Microsoft’s perspective on the future of AI in cybersecurity. Renowned for his role as the ex-CEO of RiskIQ, Elias brought forth insights on the pivotal role AI plays in analyzing and responding to evolving cyber threats. He stressed the importance of leveraging machine learning applications to gain context into attack sources, identify indicators of compromise, and bolster the ability to detect and neutralize threats swiftly. Elias’s vision aligns with cutting-edge advancements in the cybersecurity landscape, emphasizing the transformative impact of AI on fortifying security measures.

Manoj Kenkare: IBM Consulting

Manoj Kenkare, Senior Partner at IBM Consulting, provided a profound exploration into the intersection of Life Sciences, MedTech, and AI. Kenkare showcased how IBM Consulting stands at the forefront of leveraging AI to revolutionize healthcare and life sciences, steering advancements in personalized medicine and patient care.

The meeting concluded on a note of shared optimism, affirming that the future of Enterprise AI is not a destination but a continuous journey of exploration and collaboration.